As you get ready to transition from the military, before refining your resume and practicing for interviews

it's important to lay a solid foundation
Have You Planned Your Exit?
 Ted Studdard
Author - Depot to Depot
Actionable Motivational Speaker
I thought I was prepared to exit the service; 

I was wrong.

I underestimated the transition and subsequent transformation required to move into my next career and into the next phase of life. What struck me when I was leaving the military was the number of choices I had. 

This is eye opening and can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. I talk to veterans every week, and from my experience in talent acquisition at a Fortune 25 company, I can confidently say I would have benefited from assessing my priorities while I was still in the service.

Doing so would have helped me navigate this unique opportunity more effectively.

Evaluating and ranking the considerations that I suggest in this book will lay the groundwork for a rewarding new direction. 

Approaching this a year or two before you exit will offer you time to think without the pressure of having to find work right away.
What You Will Learn in this FREE Workbook:
Foundational Considerations
You must NOT underestimate the transition and subsequent transformation required to move into your next career and into the next phase of life.
We will go over how to plan and execute on the foundational considerations of family, finances, and values.
Additional Considerations
 There are many moving pieces to assess and plan for when considering you transition from the military to civilian life. Understanding your career goals and path are imperative to your success. 

 There are many resources out there for transitioning Veterans, but none more succinct, none more actionable than ‘Take Time to Think’ from Col. (R) Ted Studdard. Ted has captured virtually everything a transitioning Veteran should consider when transitioning into the civilian sector. Calling on his decades of experience as a Marine and his unmatched ability for clear, concise communication, Ted delivers an invaluable resource that should be part of the toolkit of every transitioning Veteran – the ‘Take Time to Think’ ebook.  "
Aaron Perkins, M.S.
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